Olive Magic with Maria from My Green Garden

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Olives straight from a tree are inedibly bitter and must be cured and  then pickled somehow to make them edible. In this workshop we will cover  several different techniques to cure olives, each with a different  waiting - or curing - period. In order to fully experience the stages of  the processes, some olives will have been partially cured before the  class for you to continue the process; as well as taking home fresh  olives for you to start from scratch. Tastings will be available so you  can decide which style is your preferred. We will use both black and  green olives. If you grow olives, bring along some samples so that we  can suggest some ways to cure them.

Trainer Bio: Maria from My Green Garden. Coming from an Italian background, Maria has grown up with preserves made ritually throughout the year. For generations past, this was one way of ensuring food throughout the leaner months. This is Maria's story, which, combined with her science background, means that you will understand why preserving works as well as getting to enjoy the delicious olives that you have cured yourself.

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What you will learn
  • How to transform the raw olive into something deliciously edible
  • How to cure and pickle olives using a variety of different techniques
  • How to cure olives and have them ready for an antipasto platter in less than a fortnight
What you will get
  • Jars of olives ready to continue the pickling process at home
  • Samples of olives that have been prepared ready to dress and eat
  • Recipes for the techniques covered in the workshop

What to bring
  • Notepad and pen
  • Apron
  • A sturdy bag or small box to carry jars of olives home
What to wear

Casual. long hair tied back, closed toe footwear

Appropriate for

Those interested in preserving olives

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28 May 2019 • Olive Magic with Maria from My Green Garden

Maria shared her experience in olive making in a comprehensive and hands on workshop. I loved how she took us through a variety of ways to cure both green and black olives and we got to taste and take an abundance of olives home with us. Can’t wait to taste them when they are ready.


27 May 2019 • Olive Magic with Maria from My Green Garden

This was a really practical, informative and enjoyable class. I took away with me skills to use instantly in my kitchen and a lovely box of olives too!