Plastic Bag Upcycling

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3.0 hours
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P.LAY stands for plastic layers, plastic bag layers to be exact. Since plastic bag pollution is a major concern in our ever consuming society and a huge threat to the environment and waterways, the Making P.lay workshops is a 3 hour workshop that goes through methods on how to use this waste to make tough, waterproof and ultralight materials perfect for sewing or heat fusing. The outcome will be a range of products that will be handmade from scratch by the participants, learning not only the basic methods but basic chemistry, facts and more potential applications for the material.

Trainer Bio:

Cesar Marulanda, born in Bogota - Colombia is a self-taught artist and aspiring Industrial Designer whose work responds to the current environmental situation the world is living. Cesar has been researching and working with plastic bag waste as a raw material for the last 6 years, all to make useful art and accessories to sell at local markets. His time at university has given him more knowledge about the possibilities in recycling plastic waste and to use it in his projects. Cesar embarked on the recycling train thinking of it as a hobby, selling wallets and pouches in local markets, but little he knew this ‘hobby” will take him to discover the true potential in recycling and to spread the word to others with the mission to get more people to recycle, reduce and reuse to create a bigger positive environmental impact.


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What you will learn
  • How to recycle HDPE and LDPE into useful strong, waterproof and lightweight materials (P.LAY)
  • Joining and decorating methods for P.lay materials
What you will get
  • Learn how to make your own items from plastic bags
  • Make up to three items to take home

What to bring
  • Old used plastic bags including coloured heavier plastic bags
  • Notepad and pen
What to wear

Casual and as part of class conducted outdoors, weather appropriate clothing and hat

Appropriate for

Those wanting to turn a waste product into something beautiful and useful

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30 April 2018 • Plastic Bag Upcycling

Well structured, great facilitator. Everyone leaves with something they've learnt and something they've created. Fun, practical and rewarding.


26 April 2018 • Plastic Bag Upcycling

I was not able to attend due to personal reason.


25 April 2018 • Plastic Bag Upcycling

Cesar was a dynamic instructor, knowledgeable and encouraging. He's spent the past six years experimenting with this technique and is studying industrial design, so he really knows his stuff and I learned so much more in this class than I would have just from online tutorials. He has an eye for beautiful design, too, and sells the products he makes, so we learned the aesthetic and creative possibilities of what can be created from fused plastic, not just the technique itself. Unfortunately there was a breakdown in communication - the reminder emails from CERES had a different date and set of class times to what was on WeTeachMe, which meant some of us arrived late and had difficulty finding the workshop. The reminder emails also mentioned cafe opening hours that were incorrect (possibly due to the day mixup). In short, I enjoyed this class and would recommend it, but I also recommend arriving 30 minutes early just in case so you're not late and feeling flustered.



Hello Erin. Glad you enjoyed the class. We're so fortunate to have Cesar present these workshops. Thanks for the comms feedback. Appears there was a copy and paste fail! Thanks for your patience :-)